Subjective well-being: life scale

May 27, 2010

Flourishing Scale (FS)

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Flourishing Scale (FS): below are 8 statements with which you may agree or disagree. Using the 1–7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item by indicating that response for each statement.

7        Strongly agree
6        Agree
5        Slightly agree
4        Mixed or neither agree nor disagree
3        Slightly disagree
2        Disagree
1        Strongly disagree

I lead a purposeful and meaningful life.
My social relationships are supportive and rewarding.
I am engaged and interested in my daily activities
I actively contribute to the happiness and well-being of others
I am competent and capable in the activities that are important to me
I am a good person and live a good life
I am optimistic about my future
People respect me

Scoring: Add the responses, varying from 1 to 7, for all eight items. The possible range of scores is from 8 (lowest possible) to 56 (highest PWB possible). A high score represents a person with many psychological resources and strengths.

Authors of the scale: Diener, E., Wirtz, D., Tov, W., Kim-Prieto, C., Choi. D., Oishi, S., & Biswas-Diener, R. (2009). New measures of well-being: Flourishing and positive and negative feelings. Social Indicators Research, 39, 247-266.


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